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Jean-Pierre Weyermann

Jean-Pierre Weyermann

is an old school real estate professional with the charm of the young at heart. Specialising in real estate agency and appraisal, he and his team work both nationally and internationally. As former president of Fiabci Switzerland (the world’s only global real estate association), he also worked for several years as European president and delegate to the UN in Geneva. As a co-owner of QIMMO Ltd., which specialises in brokering commercial real estate in Europe, he has good international connections.

Multilingualism, cosmopolitanism and enthusiasm. Both a global player and well connected nationally with memberships in the SVIT (former appraisal expert); the USPI and the appraisal expert chamber of the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT). He vehemently stands up for the image of the reputable real estate agent. As a column author, he often takes aim at “third-class real estate agents”. Weyermann takes an active part in managing the image of the real estate agent, for example at podium discussions, lectures or as a guest speaker. Weyermann: “There are no statutory requirements for the job description of the real estate agent in Switzerland. Anyone who feels capable of practising this profession can buy and sell properties without proof of relevant qualification. The reputable real estate agent is not only a broker, but also a consultant with special knowledge acquired only thanks to a qualified education. People often advertise using impressive sounding titles. These were acquired through internal crash courses and do not constitute a recognised education.  Find out more from the SVIT or the USPI.”

Thanks to our education, experience and structure, we can be a competent partner for our clients in all aspects of real estate. We put this claim into practise every day.

We provide our expertise from a wide variety of areas and points of view to our customers in such a way that they can make the necessary decisions more simply and more appropriately.

Being a reliable partner and competent service provider for our clients is the aim of our business. Each of our clients has their own ideas of how they would like to have a property sold and how they would like to have the necessary documents for this purpose prepared, etc.; and responding to that is our understanding of service provision. The challenge is to relieve the pressure on our clients as best we can. We take on this challenge time and again and you are welcome to evaluate us accordingly.

Our team takes on responsibility in the interest of our customers on a daily basis.We have been our partners’ clients for more than 30 years, doing all we can to ensure the success of their individual projects.

Weyermann Immobilien AG was founded in 1995 and focuses exclusively on brokerage and appraisal. Years ago – in the 80s – Jean Pierre Weyermann completed his education as a real estate trustee. His activities took him abroad early on. Among other things to Saudi Arabia as a consultant. He gained experience in various positions with companies in Freiburg and Bern, as real estate agent, appraisal expert, sales manager and director.

Since the company was founded, Weyermann Immobilien AG has been commissioned with the sale of real estate and with the preparation of appraisals and property valuations.

Thanks to reliable, qualified and customer-oriented work, the traditional Bernese company enjoys an excellent reputation. We would be pleased to show you what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • We are competent, committed, reliable and successful! Our success is based on our competence and the trust of our customers.
  • Mr Jean-Pierre Weyermann has over 30 years of experience in national and international brokerage and appraisal.
  • Our almost 100% sales success to date as well as demonstrably satisfied sellers and buyers distinguishes us and speaks for the professional expertise of Weyermann Immobilien AG. This is something we are particularly proud of.
  • We limit our activity to brokerage and appraisal.
  • We rigorously limit the number of sales mandates, providing excellent service to both sellers and buyers.
  • For each sales mandate, we create a marketing concept that is custom-tailored to your property.
  • You will receive a “printing proof” for the documentation, the insertion plan as well as for the advertisements – close cooperation with our clients is very important to us.
  • We have our own technically advanced drones and take the aerial photographs ourselves.
  • Our sales documentation is informative and high quality.All of our employees have thoroughly inspected the property and can provide competent information on the phone.
  • Rather than hold an “Open Doors Day”, we take the time to give each prospective buyer a personal tour of the property.
  • As a member (Presidency of the Swiss delegation for 5 years, 4 years as European president and delegate to the UN in Geneva for the international real estate association FIABCI, www.fiabci.org or www.fiabci.ch) and thanks to participation in various professional associations, including as an appraisal expert, we are a competent partner for real estate transactions locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We are a co-owner of the company “QIMMO” (www.qimmo.eu) and, along with the FIABCI, this company gives us a top-class network of specialists for business and industrial real estate in Europe.
  • We have strict standards regarding professional ethics and professionalism. Our success is based on working together with selected and competent partners and investors who look for and demonstrate the same high standards as Weyermann Immobilien AG.
  • Our direct contacts to promoters, investors and international buyers guarantee short decision-making processes and, of course, maximum discretion.
  • We distinguish ourselves by multilingualism, well-groomed appearance and skilful dealings with investors nationally and abroad.
  • Thanks to our professionalism and our high professional liability insurance, we provide you with a guarantee for our work that goes much further than the competition.
  • You only pay our fee if you are successful and do not have to pay any down payment for the third party costs (fixed cost ceiling agreed with you) – we pay everything in advance and pay the amount exceeding the cost ceiling.

From local competence to an international network

As a multi-year president of the Swiss delegation for the international real estate association FIABCI (almost 60 years of activity and represented in more than 60 countries), as former President of the European Commission and member of the World Board, as a former delegate to the UN in Geneva and thanks to ongoing activities in various professional associations such as the SVIT and the USPI, Mr Weyermann and his team are locally, nationally and internationally competent partners for real estate transactions.

Last but not least, our success is based on working together with selected and competent partners and companies who look for and demonstrate the same high standards regarding professional ethics and professionalism as Weyermann Immobilien AG. Our direct contacts to promoters, investors and international buyers guarantee short decision-making processes and, of course, maximum discretion.

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