The services of Weyermann Immobilien

Tailor-made solutions

The fact that we pursue each order with enthusiasm, passion and true professionalism is one of the reasons why Weyermann Immobilien AG has a high success rate!

Over 30 years of brokerage and appraisal experience makes it easy for us to provide both institutional and private property owners with tailored services and solutions and new buying and selling perspectives.

Property and market analysis as well as marketing, sales and search concepts are developed together with customers to suit their every wish. We determine and specify the sales concept together. Decidedly, purposefully, with perseverance & and style as well as the necessary discretion we achieve the desired success.


Informative market value estimates

Our specially trained appraisal professionals are members of the Swiss Appraisal Expert Chamber, leverage expertise gained in the course of many years and guarantee differentiated valuation methods as well as reliable, detailed, and layman-friendly estimates. These are reasons why Weyermann Immobilien AG is repeatedly and increasingly called in and used as an arbitrator in disputes or as a neutral appraisal expert.


Real estate as requested

We handle each and every order with the same probity and purposefulness. As a rule, we only work on the basis of exclusive arrangements.

Our almost 100% sales success to date and demonstrably satisfied sellers as well as buyers distinguishes us and speaks for the professional expertise of Weyermann Immobilien AG. This is something we are particularly proud of.

Whether beautiful country house or modern single-family house near the city, commercial building or industrial land including market analysis, rezoning, tenant and investor search, city plots for blocks of flats, city landmarks or large country estates – with the appropriate sales method and plenty of commitment, we find suitable buyers nationally and abroad.